Nothing happens when I click to add something to my cart. What's wrong?

This site uses javascript to make the shopping process quicker and easier. You may not have javascript enabled on your browser or your browser may need upgrading.

Javascript is a programming language that is commonly used on web sites around the world. The reason it is so popular is that most browsers support it and it enables the website to do alot of the work that otherwise would have to be done by the web server.

What happened to the items on my cart that I added yesterday?

All your cart items are stored within an internet session, the period of time that you have the site open on your computer. If you close your browser you will loose your cart items. Please ensure you make your order before closing your browser.

How is the freight worked out?

There is a standard $9 freight charge for orders within New Zealand. For international orders freight is automatically calculated using the weight of the product and air mail postal rates. The New Zealand tax of the total order is subtracted from the cost of the freight as international customers aren't required to pay this.

When will I get my order?

Orders are usually dispatched on the day that payment is confirmed or the next working day. Orders within New Zelaand should take 2-3 days to be delivered while overseas orders may take up to two weeks. If you are think your order should have arrived and hasn't please contact us with details